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When can I register for classes?

Registration for each year begins in June and ends November 1. Class sizes are limited, so registering early is recommended. There will also be a yearly $60 registration fee per student due with your September class(es) payment.

If my child can’t make the class for her age group, can I move her up a level?

Unfortunately no, students are placed based on age, experience, and level; please call or e-mail for a schedule.

Why does my child need to wear specific dance clothes and shoes?

Proper dance clothes are required for our students’ safety and so that instructors can give corrections on technique.

Pajamas, flannel pants, sweat pants, and t-shirts are NOT proper dance clothes and should not be worn in class. If in doubt, check with your instructor for guidance.

How much do classes cost?

Prices will vary per class, please see class schedule or studio owners for details.

When are class payments due?

Payments are due during the first class of the month. Tuition can be paid three ways: monthly, Fall and Spring semesters, or annually.

We accept credit card, cash and checks.

Late fees will be applied to any outstanding balance by the end of the payment week.

Are class payments refundable?

Refunds will be given when a written notice of withdrawal is received before November 1. After November 1, payments are due through June whether or not the student withdraws from the class.

Do you offer family or multiple class discounts?

Yes, we offer family and multiple class discounts.

How do I know when class is cancelled due to poor weather conditions?

The studio follows the Arlington school system for snow days.

If school is closed or closes early, the studio will be closed. If school is NOT closed, but the weather is poor, please call the studio and check your email, our website, and Facebook.

Are make-up classes available if my child misses a class due to the weather?

Yes, we hopeful we will be able to offer make-up classes starting in May.

Do all classes perform in the recital?

Most dance classes perform in our professional-quality recital. The only classes that do not perform in the recital are Little Dance Explorers, ballet technique, beginner acro, kicks turns and leaps and adult exercise classes.

The recital is set on a stage and has costumes, music, and lighting design. This performance is a great way for our students to showcase all of the hard work they have done throughout the year.

When and where is the recital?

The recital is in June and is performed onstage at a nearby high school. More information on show dates, location, and times will typically be announced in January.

Does my child need to participate in the recital?

Yes, it is mandatory for students to perform in our dance recital as it showcases all of the hard work the students have done and teaches them to work together as a team.

The only classes that do not perform in the recital are Little Dance Explorers, technique, and adult exercise classes.

Do I need to purchase a costume for the recital?

Yes, costumes are required for each dance performed in the recital.

Costumes vary in price range from $60 to $100 depending on age and class-level.

Payments are due in two installments:

  • Installment 1
    $60 PER costume due (e.g., three costumes would be $180)
  • Installment 2
    Remaining balance (dancers notified of remaining balance in December)

Installments become non-refundable as of November 1, when the costumes are ordered.

Do students perform in competitions?

Yes, our competitive team performs in select New England dance competitions.