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Classes Begin Monday, September 14

Last year was like no other!  We are so proud of all the dancers and teachers hard work while online and loved seeing the dancers shine on stage!  We’re looking forward to beginning a fun and exciting year, and want to welcome all returning and new students. Most of your favorite teachers will be returning and are happy to add Julie Santos & Emily Yeo to our LJ Crew staff this year!

To help you plan for the coming months, we are sharing some frequently requested information on studio protocols & procedures, dress code, important dates, payments, and more.

Protocols & Procedures

The Lynn and Jen’s staff is committed to providing a safe and welcoming in-studio environment for all of our dancers. We will be following CDC, State, and Town recommended guidelines for dance schools.

Studio Covid Protocol
We would like to thank everyone in advance for your patience, cooperation, and understanding as we work together to make this year an enjoyable and enriching experience for our students.  To help ensure everyone’s safety, please see covid-19 protocol link below.
Covid-19 Protocol

* Limited class sizes
* Dance rooms set up for appropriate social distancing
* New drop-off & pick-up procedures
* Classes scheduled to avoid crowding

Keeping the studio clean is vital to keep our dancers and staff safe. Updates include:
* IWave Air Purification has been installed in our HVAC unit to clean the air and surfaces, effectively killing airborne bacteria and viruses.  Learn more 
* Time reserved in between classes to clean all surfaces

Studio Rules
* The waiting room is not available to parents or dancers
* Masks should be worn

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedure
* Dancer should wait outside at the front door for a teacher and sanitize hands upon entering
* If your dancer will need to change dance shoes, they will place their dance bags in a bin which will remain in the studio with them; street shoes will be placed in a cubby
* Dancers in the back room will use the bathroom in that studio / dancers in the front studio will use the bathroom in the waiting room
* Pick-up: dancers in the back studio will exit the waiting room doors / dancers in the front studio will exit out the studio’s doors
* Studio surfaces & bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized after dancers leave

Restriction or Closure
If the State and/or Town adds additional class size restrictions, the studio may need to make adjustments listed below.

  1. Class day & times may need to change
  2. Hybrid classes – rotating students in-studio and virtual classes
  3. All classes temporarily online

Dress Code  

Please make sure that all dancers wear the proper clothing and footwear to class for their safety.

Our preferred local dance supply store is “On Your Toes

Creative Movement Bloch #205- Pink full sole ballet slippers
SoDance #TA35 tap shoes (Starts in January)
Leotard & tights
(Ballet skirts/shorts optional)
Ballet Bloch #258 – pink split sole ballet slippers (girls)
Bloch #258 – black split sole ballet slippers (boys)
Leotard & tights
(Ballet skirts/shorts optional)
T-shirt or tank with athletic pants for boys



Jazz Bloch #405 or Dance Now # 980
Caramel split sole lace up jazz shoes
Leotard & tights
(Jazz pant, capris, or shorts optional)
Tap – Ages 5-7 SoDance #TA35 or Capezio #3800
Tan tap shoes (girls)
SoDance #TA04/05 black tie tap shoes (boys)
Leotard & tights
(Skirts or shorts optional)
T-shirt or tank with athletic pants for boys


Tap – Ages 7-11 Capezio #3800
Tan tap shoes
Leotard & tights
(Skirts or shorts optional)
Tap – Ages 11+ Capezio #CG16
Flex Master split sole tie caramel tap shoes
Leotard & tights
(Jazz pant, capris, or shorts optional)
Modern Bare Feet, Dance Paws or Foot Undeez Leotard & tights
(Tank top or shorts optional)
Hip Hop / Krump Dedicated athletic sneakers, recommend to wait to buy shoes until specific sneaker is announced in Oct or Nov
NO shoes worn outside allowed
Activewear Ponytail/Up
Irish Step Level 1- Ghillies
Level 2- Hard Shoe
Shorts and leotard or tank top Ponytail/Up


Virtual Peek Week: November 2020 & April 2021
Classes are closed to keep our students focused on the teachers so we invite and encourage families and friends to watch your dancers’ progress during our “Virtual Peek” weeks.  Stay tuned for exact dates.

Recital: June 2021
All classes except technique have recital dances, all other classes perform in one show.  The recital may be held at Burlington High School in June; tentative date June 19, 2021 – please note dates and location may change. The estimated price per ticket is $28.


Payment & Medical Waiver 2020

CLASS PAYMENTS are due the first class of each month.  Irish Step payments follow a different schedule.

Monthly: September due at registration, remaining payments October-June.  Payments are calculated by dividing the annual fee into 10 equal installments. Monthly payments are automatically withdrawn the first of each month, to set up alternative payment options please contact us.

Semester/Annual: Please contact the office to set up semester or to pay the year in full.

Payments are always the same. If students miss a class due to illness, injury, or any other unexpected event, we welcome and encourage them to attend a make-up class or come to class and watch to keep up with dance vocabulary and recital choreography.

Irish Step: Payments due in 3 payments
September-December Payment due at registration.  Remaining two payments automatically withdrawn on January and April 1st. Please contact the office to set up alternative payment options.

Late fee of $20.00 per month will be added to the outstanding balance on the account if payments are not received by the end of the payment week.

Bounced check fees is $30.00. After 2 bounced checks, payment by cash or bank check will be required.

Lesson Refunds/Payments will be given when written notice of withdrawal is received before November 1.  After November 1, payments are due through June whether or not the student withdraws from the class.

COSTUME PAYMENTS will be due in two installments:
First Payment automatically withdrawn  October 1-7, please contact us to set up alternative payment plan.  Remaining balance announced in December and will be automatically withdrawn January 2-8, please contact the office for alternative payment plan.

Due Date Payment
October 1-7 $60 PER COSTUME (e.g., 2 costumes X $60.00 = $120.00
January 4-9 Remaining balance to be provided in December

Costume Estimates – typical price range per costume:
Younger students: $60.00-$75.00 | Older students: $70.00-$90.00

Installments become non-refundable as of November 1, when the costumes are ordered.  Costumes are paid in installments for your convenience; however, placing an order constitutes full commitment. Costume tights must be purchased separately (brand and color to be specified) and shoes may need to be sprayed to match the costume.


NUT FREE environment
For the safety of our students, the studio is a NUT FREE environment. Please do not bring snacks containing nuts.

Vacation and Snow Days
We typically follow the Arlington School vacation and holiday calendar. Official studio dates will be provided in the September bulletin.

If the Arlington School has a snow day or closes early the studio will be closed. If school is not cancelled, but weather conditions are poor, there are 4 ways to check for studio closures:

  • Facebook page
  • Studio website
  • Call 781.643.7220 (A voicemail message will note if there is no class.)
  • Email from studio

Make up classes will be available beginning in May for any classes missed due to holidays and snow days.

Absences – Illness & Injury
Please contact the studio to let us know if your student is going to miss class due to illness or injury. For injuries that require a long healing time, we recommend that the student come to watch the class. If a student is unable to perform in the recital, the studio reserves the right to borrow your costumes for a substitute dancer.