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RECITAL TICKET DAY – Sunday, May 22, 10 am – 12 pm

Recital Season is here and we are excited to be able to hold the performance on a theater stage with lighting again! And with the return of assigned auditorium seating comes the return of Ticket Day!

Can’t make it to Ticket Day? There are other options for buying your tickets too.

Ticket Day Basics
Those taking advantage of Ticket Day will be given the first option on recital

Date: Sunday, May 22
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm
Location: at the studio
Price: $35 per ticket CASH ONLY

In order to purchase tickets, all balances must be paid up-to-date. Please login to your classbug account to review your status.

Ticket costs and purchasing options
Tickets purchased in advance are $35.00 per seat. Tickets purchased at the door on recital day are $37.00 per seat.

Advance ticket sales are at the studio with 3 options:

1. Ticket Day: Doors will open at 10:00am on May 22 for first option seating (see procedures below)
2. Mail-In Form: must be received by May 18 and these orders are filled at the close of Ticket Day (see details below)
3. Class days beginning May 23 by appointment: email the studio to set up a time with Lynn or Jen (

Ticket Day Procedure:

1. Check in at the door and finalize any overdue balance on your account. You will receive your ticket voucher and proceed to the ticket line.
2. Proceed to the seating table to select from available seating and complete your ticket voucher.
3. Proceed to the payment table to purchase your tickets. CASH ONLY will be accepted.

Important: After purchasing your ticket(s), please double-check seating chart with the actual tickets to make sure you have the correct tickets.


Mail-In Ticket Form
Can’t make it to Ticket Day? No problem! A mail-in option is available, and these orders are filled at the close of Ticket Day. All ticket forms must be received by Wednesday, May 18th. Please pay by check made payable to the studio (no cash). mail-in ticket order form


Dress Rehearsal – Tuesday, June 7 & Wednesday, June 8 @ Joanne Benton Theater – Wilmington High School – 159 Church Street Wilmington, MA 01887
Parking is available in the school parking lot, as well as across from the school across Church Street and the Town Commons

Dress rehearsal will begin at 4:15 sharpRehearsals are split into two days to give each class the appropriate stage time for spacing and running their dance(s).
Dress Rehearsal Schedule 2022

Rehearsal will be in full costume, hair, and make-up. Please make sure correct tights are worn and shoes are dyed as needed. Find specifics in the class shoe & tight color 2022

On Your Toes is now taking orders online to be shipped or ready to pick up.

  • Click on the link, On Your Toes Dancewear
  • Add items to your cart
  • Proceed to checkout, items can be picked up or shipped.
  • An On Your Toes representative will call to review your order and take payment

Make-up should be worn more than natural; the stage lighting will wash out the dancers’ faces if they don’t have make-up on.  Neutral tones for eyes are recommend to enhance their features with a red lipstick.


Recital – Saturday, June 11th @ Joanne Benton Theater – Wilmington High School – 159 Church Street Wilmington, MA 01887

Dancers’ Arrival – 1:00 pm Auditorium Opens – 1:30 pm Show Time – 2:00 pm

Dancers’ Arrival: Dancers must be at the high school and report to the assigned dressing room one hour before the show starts.

Auditorium Doors Open: Doors will open for seating half an hour before the show starts.

Rules for the Theater: 

  • You may not leave or enter the auditorium during a dance. Please remain seated during the dances.
  • No sitting, standing, dancing or running in the aisle.
  • No video recording during the recital. Gary Antle Productions will be recording and selling performance Links.  You may video record at dress rehearsal.
  • No flash photography during the recital; this is dangerous for the dancers.
  • Students have been working hard all year for the recital; please show them support by staying for the whole show.

Final Bow: Dancers participating in the final bow must be in their assigned dressing room six numbers prior to the end of the show. The groups will be escorted to the stage wings, and will be returned to the dressing rooms for pick-up after the show. For everyone’s safety, there will be no exits or pick-ups from the stage.

Dressing Room Supervision: Room Monitors will be in the dressing rooms with the children through the entire show. Whoever brings your child to the room is required to sign in, and this person will also have to pick up.

Once you check in your child, you may only take them to the bathroom (after letting the staff know). If you want your child to visit family, it must be either before you check in or after you check out. No parents or students are allowed backstage to watch the show; they should be in their assigned dressing rooms or have tickets to watch in the auditorium. Students may not watch the show until after they have completed ALL of their dances.  Please bring coloring books, crayons, and board games etc. to keep dancers busy – no markers, please. Clear beverages are preferred and remember we are nut free!

Recital Order 2022

Recital Link: Gary Antle Productions will be recording the recital and selling a Recital Recording Link (not a dvd).  Please fill out the form below and submit $20 cash or a check made payable to Gary Antle Productions.  Forms and payments can be submitted at the studio, dress rehearsal or at the recital.  The link will be emailed to the address on file with classbug,

Gary Antle Recital Link Order Form 2022

Lynn & Jen’s Logo Apparel
Online store will be opening again soon.  Order your recital t-shirts and logo apparel through the link below.  These orders will not be in before the recital and will be mailed your house

Opening back up soon!